Jun 29, 2006

More Caricatures

Here are some more caricature's of Matt Damion

I like the third one the best. Let me know if I'm getting close.


Sketchbook 06.29.06

Today's sketches the girl I liked after filling some pages of a legal pad while at work came up with this one during lunch.

The bunny rabbit was just a speed doodle playing with shapes and putting them together. I liked the expression on his face and decided to keep him. To me he looks like a earl or stanly LOL. Let me know what you guys would call him.

Jun 28, 2006

Jun 22, 2006

Look mom it's Matt

My first caricture, over at the Drawing Board they have a section just for Caricures and this month's thread is Matt Damion. To get better at drawing and character design. I spent 2 minutes studing one of the pictures then set a timer to 5 minutes and drew. My goal is to become better at character design through carictures, this is the one thing besides animating that I enjoy doing very much but feel I don't have the skills to persue it yet. Well thats it for me talking back to the egg timer. Night


Skecth Book 6.21.06

What can I say I put a fire under my ass and will just keep posting as much as possible. My day job is becoming more and more frustrating in the pointless taskes I perform. Each day I try to invent new things for myself to keep busy just to have none of it matter. I quiet literally get paid 8 hour day for 3 hours of real effort the rest sketching through post it notes trying to make sure I look like I'm busy. Yeah poor me boo-hoo. The second doodle is how I felt because of heartburn.

Jun 21, 2006

Freelance work colored

I told you I would be posting the work I did for a wedding couple colored and here it is.

Jun 20, 2006

Pencil Sketch of a painting

I'm taking a second stab at gouache painting and came across this old concept artwork from school. It was something I did in alternative animation class. I took this sketch and redraw it on big newsprint and then erased and redraw on the same sheet to make the animation. The animation came out muddy but I liked the piece enough to keep.


Here are some hands some good some not so good but the point was to practice and even the not so good ones taught me something, so I'd say it was time well spent.
Let me know what you think.

My Sketch Book 6.20.06

These are the sketches I did while at work today. In an effort for myself to get better at design. I have taken to drawing with a pencil that has it's eraser cut off and then quickly going over the lines with a fine point sharpie. The sketches in red are actually from sunday. As always any comments are fine.

The kid eating ice-cream is my favorit.

Jun 15, 2006

Animal Sketches

Freelance Work

I was commissioned to creat wedding signs with a NASCAR theme.The couple is still working with me on the colors. I'll post them when there finished.

Life Drawings 06.14.06

Here is the first post of my artwork. It took me some time because I decided to throw out most of my life drawing work and show only the best pieces I have to offer at this time. More to come soon.

Jun 9, 2006

Getting serious

Welcome to the new home for my online portfolio. I will have the old artwork form my old site reformatted and posted soon.