Aug 30, 2008

Today's Doodles

While waiting for my wife to get ready and listening to her talk about something, I was doodling in my sketchbook and for some reason made a page of golf doodles. Funny thing is I don't even like golf unless it's mini-putt!

Well enjoy!

Aug 29, 2008


Theirs a art blog out there formed by some Chicago based artist called ThoughFauchet and on the blog they have daily, weekly and monthly drawing jams. the dailies is come up with a image however detailed from a given word. yesterdays was jellyfish. here's some of my thought on jellyfishes. The bottom one is the though that came to me and that is a factory that makes jelly out of milking jellyfish.


Aug 26, 2008

Walk part two (really!)

Okay Fixed my scanner and now flipbook and the scanner are playing nice together. this is the walk from saturday with the torso added.

Aug 24, 2008

Walk Cycle Part Duex Sort of

Well after spending the day with my family I had the chance to add the torso to my walk animation I did yesterday. but digicel froze and now my scanner doesnt work. Bummer I know So while I'd love to show all of you the walk, I guess it will have to wait till monday or later while I try to get my scanner up and running. So I'll just post some doodles I did, these are from Tom Bancrofts character design book. I just took a stap at HIS CHARACTER. It's not mine and then for fun I colored the sketch in photo shop. If you don't know who Tom Bancroft is heres his blog.


Aug 23, 2008

Learning to walk

I tell ya the hardest thing to animate is walks but once you can nail down walks everything else I'm told is cake. I wonder if it's chocolate or yellow cake? I love a good yeallow with strawberry filling mmmmm! Wait off topic, today I was left alone to work on animation and I spent the day throwing paper away because I could not get the contacts down. There hard but it's important because there the key drawing to the walk cycle. Now this walk isn't a cycle. Cycles are hard and I'm not that good. Later I'm going to add the torso for this and then the arms for the secondary action. Let me know what you think. It's just 13 drawing on 2's and the action seems jumping or bouncy. Ah well, just keep drawing and hold fast I say.

Aug 22, 2008

Just what it is a ball bounce

Well did this a while ago from Richard Willams animators survivl handbook.

Aug 14, 2008

Art Funk

I don't have anything to post and the few sketches i do have suck major ass. I've always lied to myself as to why I never get any work done or why my work hasnt improved but the truth of the matter is I;m not good. Really i suck so much shit it's unbelavible. To explain I now only work nights part time, this said I should be drawing my arse off but instead I just keep beating myslef up by looking at all the other websites of aritst i admire and thats cool cause in the past it's always inspired me to try what they did and in trying I end up creating something new and away from my "comfort zone" which by the way I don't have one really. It's weird I used to be real good at art. it was never something I felt I had to study or learn or master. It was just fun, I would always be drawing and painting or sculpting for me! not for a fucking grade or aproval or anything like that. No it was for me but it's funny how a person can let another fuck them up so much.
My person was my dad a pretty good illustrator and photo retoucher (before the days of photoshop kiddies) His problem he fucking sucked as a busniessman. So when I would show him my work and he was feeling shitting he tear me down. He said he was just critquing my work but there was never anything he liked about my work, only what was wrong with it and when I told him I would like to become a comic artist or animator. He would give me a hundred fucking reasons why I'd never make it. I wish he would just have said well Kevin those are good goales lets work out a list of what you need to do to make it a reality. Nope that didnt happen and I know I'm whinning like a little girl and in the Mcleod house we HATE little whining girles.

Well I know no one looks at this site so I'm no longer worried about what I say or what I post, fuck it lifes to short and I have my own famliy now and my own son. So really I should get my head outta my ass and look foward instead of always looking behind at how things could of been or should of been. So my dad was a ass big fucking deal. Alot of folks have had worse shakes then me.

So weve figured out one of the things that seems to be holding me back and thats my memories of my dad. The second one I've developed from the first and thats fear! Fear of failure fear of getting it right and having to repeat the process. This one will simply have to be sholderd by ALWAYS DRAWING NO MATTER WHAT! Sure easy to say or type but that bitch of a deamon self doubt sure can be a mofo to keep quit. Is that how you spell quit or it that quit like quit looking at me? Whatever no one looks at this anyway. Well I post soon my son is crying.....