Oct 20, 2011

Halloween Fun

It's that time again and at McDonald's the kids meals have trick-or-treat buckets that the kids can decorate with stickers. These are my son's.


Aug 11, 2011

PJ Harvey

This is a old one from June or July but I am breaking out my sketch book to draw and wanted to throw this up on the Ol' Blog.


Aug 9, 2011

Figure Drawing Class

Hi there Monday is my new figure drawing class and I don't even have to leave my house. There is a great site out there called The Gesture Drawing Tool and it allows you to draw from photos in timed intervals of 30 secs up to one hour with built in breaks. These are some of my gestures and longer poses that I liked the best. You can visit here  to see the rest.


Aug 5, 2011


This was made last Friday while playing with my son and play-dough. It was shot with my camera phone and just for fun but I am learning allot on how to use Digicel animation software.

Jul 30, 2011


Spent last night playing with Crayola Clay with my son and these are the two little men we made. Mines the little blue one. We both had fun but His clay is starting to harden up. I told him on Sunday we would go out and get him some new clay. I like this stuff because it doesn't stick to the carpet and it's reusable.


Jul 29, 2011

Brush Pen Sketch

I did these on Wednesday but wasn't able to post them because of a nasty storm that came in and knocked my houses power out for close to 24 hours. I've said it before but it bears repeating that I need to draw more from people around me and also to use a ink pen or brush pen and to go for the gesture and pose of the person and to find the character. These however are from waiting to pick up my son from his aunt's house.


Jul 22, 2011

Caricature from drawingboard

Hi again, I found out the the websitehttp://www.drawingboard.org is back up and running. After surfing the site abit I went to the Caricature page and drew this is about 3 minutes. Feel free to leave a comment.


While looking at the quick sketch I did, I did not like the path the right eye or screen left eye look. It was too flat. So I redrew the construction line for the way the ref photo was looking and drew the eyes again but this time I don't like his nose. Ah well it's getting late and I need some sleep. I'll more then likely revisit this and take my time of ten minutes instead of 3 minutes to work on the shapes better. 


Jul 18, 2011

How time flys

Man I was on the internet looking at other artists blogs and falling into that same trap of I wish I was this or that about the artist's work I was looking at when I came across one artist talking about how long they had been at it and how many followers they had now. I had one but my lack of posting more than likely drove the person away (ah well). The point is I have been putting out my art and thoughts for five years now and I have learned a few thing since then and forgotten even more! The real lesson I have relearned is to have fun. So what if I have visitors to my slice of the world wide web. As long as I am having fun drawing, animating and talking about art, movies, comics and anything else that really get's me talking, then that's all that matters. Last Wednesday I spent my lunch break on a cool website for drawing reference with my phone called  http://www.pixelovely.com/gesture/index.php. This site is great because for me I get self concise trying to draw people around me for fear that they know what I'm up too and are going to rip my head off verbally, I know it's by no means substitute for drawing real live anything "In the Moment" but it helps. Anyway here are the quick sketches I did from the site.


Jul 17, 2011

I made animation

I have a lot of books and tutorials and software to create and make art and animation but I don't use any of them. I have a small bedroom in my house where I keep all of this stuff and call it my office or studio. Mostly it's a big mess that never gets used but today I made some animation. I took my little Bamboo PC tablet and started drawing in Digicel and then recorded my voice to make this under a minute of silliness. Now since I drew these pictures and made them move I am now an animator!


Jul 8, 2011

Airfest Postcard

Been working on making a postcard from photos I took at this years airfest. I still need to work on the text.


May 27, 2011

War Angel

Started school at the Art Institute of Schaumburg and this is what I have been working on in school.


May 11, 2011


No art this post just felt like telling you my week. On Sunday my shower broke and the family had to take baths for our visit to the in-laws for Mother's Day. On Monday I fixed the shower and did the dance of happiness. Tuesday I went into work an hour earlier and by two o"clock I was suffering from heat exhaustion, I was sent home to go to lunch and to get shorts, while on my way back I totaled my car in an accident with a mid-size semi. The guy was clearly going to turn right as I was going to turn left but as I went into the  intersection He choose to go straight as totaled my car. I should of just said I had the arrow as well, because the ass-hole was on his phone the whole time only stopping to see if I called the cops. Well I have been lucky because his truck drove right over my hood. He kept saying he was only going straight if that was the case I should be dead because he would have been going way too fast to stop in time. Three days before I was to start school  in Schaumburg for web design and this happens.

      I thought I would have to not start school even before I started but today the financial aid and admissions  dept. worked there magic to get it that I still get to take my online class for this summer semester and then in July take two classes and start making payments for the amount of money I would owe after the fasta loans paid the rest.. So I have from now to July to sell my car with the auctions help and hope that i can get help in finding a small compact car for a very small price. Maybe this is a good time to ask for a raise, well we shall see.
 Till next time.


May 7, 2011

Crayon drawings

Spent today drawing with my son with crayons and these are some of the drawings I did. I forgot how much fun drawing with crayons could be.


Goals Update 2.0

           Well it is now May and a lot of time has pasted from my last post. I have been neglectful of this site because I would look at it and see I haven't done anything  and it would make me NOT to want to do anything. Well this has to stop and it shall.

          Back in January I wrote about a list of goals. I had six, three short term goals and three long term goals.
It has taken me till now to almost complete just one of my short term goals of getting my office space in my house as a space just for me to have as a art studio. (Just last Thursday I finally finished building my new computer table and got it in the office. After I had it built I found out my hallway was too small. I had to take the desk apart and rebuilt it inside my office.) Well I have the computer desk in place and as the time of this writing I still have to put together my new art table that my father gave me. I must not let another four months go by before that gets done. I know I can't because of one of my long term goals. I wanted to go to Rock Valley College for graphic design and web design. This is now happening but at the Art Institute of Schaumburg. I'll be going for a year to get a diploma for a program that combines both a graphic design coarse and web design. I start May 16th, I am both excited and terrified for I am doing this for myself and for my family. Myself in that I NEED to learn a trade that will give me a outlet for my creative streak the makes me unhappy most days and for my family to give them a better life from a career that will better provide for them.

                Some of the other goals were to go and take classes in animation from an online school called Ianimate.com and to take Stephen Silvers character design class from Schoolism.com . I have always had a very hard time staying the coarse and seeing something through from start to finish. It has a lot to do with my ADD and now depression. Since I was three I had ADHD or Attention Deficit  Hyperactive Disorder. By the time I reached high school the hyperactivity left but the ADD stayed and Depression came in.

            So that's that, some days are better then others but I am working through it. I now know the for me writing down a clear road map of my goals is very important to keep me on track but to give my self  only one of the goals to work on. and then go back to the next after the first goal is completed. Computer desk built one goal completed.
Animation desk is next on the list. I have started goal one and in two weeks I'll be starting goal tree from my short term goals list. Looking back at my last goal update I seem so positive and focused I want that back and I believe by just moving forward I will get there. I'll post again about how things are going next week after my first week of classes to tell you how things are going.

Jan 28, 2011

Lunch Sketch

Here's today's lunch sketch. A coworker thought the bottom of the sea-bed looked like a desert. Ah well let me know what you think and leave a comment.


Jan 27, 2011

Lunch Sketch


That can only me one thing, I've got a new sketch to post. Wasn't feeling inspired and kept getting harrased to hurry up my lunch to help customers so this is it. My favorite one is the fish.


Jan 25, 2011

Lunch Sketch

It's that time again kiddies. Today's Lunch Sketch, this one I want to redraw with pencil to make the composition a little clearer and to add color to it. The idea isn't new (octopus playing poker) but I just like the idea of a gambler that has eight arms. How do you keep him from cheating?


Three eyed Monster

I like watching a PPS show called Pioneers of Television and while watching the episode about Science Fiction I came up with this guy. I want to start ruffing out some animation of him walking on his two tentacles that while sitting still uses as arms and hands. It should be fun, I also want to clean him up in photoshop and give him some color.


Jan 24, 2011

Lunch Sketch

Here's today's lunch sketch, I like the idea of doing a sketch a day so from now on I'll post a sketch from lunch each day and call these art posts as Lunch Sketch. Be it good, bad, or really bad. I promise I will draw a sketch each day for lunch. Now I used to throw that word around WAY to much but I now only say the P word if I mean it. So I said it I better do it and besides no one looks at this site anyway. Why I make myself sick in the stomach or talk myself out of drawing is others fear and doubts put on me and I'm tired of carrying the baggage.


Jan 21, 2011

Lunch sketches


2011 Goals Update

Well I know it's been a few weeks now since my first post for the year, so I'm giving and update on my short term goal number one of getting my studio up and running. I have my file cabinet cleaned up and should be able to get it from my dad's house this weekend and get the art table taken apart and brought over as well. I have straighten up the office getting boxes and bins out that don't belong. I still need to buy some cheap wood boards to get the closet turned into a proper and organized art supply closet. I will most likely take from my CTN Network trip saves to make this happen as I now know it will cost me one thousand to make the trip and this is very doable. Pulse I'll have my first goal done and off of my mind.

It feels good to be able to type these things out and have a clear in black and white idea of what I want and how I'm going to get it. More art to post been busy sketching too.


Jan 1, 2011

Happy New Year

Well it"s another new year for the old blog. I have limited myself to six new Year resolutions with three being short term goals. When these three are completed then I'll make new ones. The long therm goals will being worked on during the WHOLE year. I plan on making progress reports at the end of each month for these so that I am able to see how far I am to completing these three long term goals by the end of this year and if i have to carry them over into next year.

Short Term Goals  

1: Organize and setup office for animation and graphic design.

2: Take Stephen Silvers Character Design class.

3: Start classes at RVC for Graphic design and Web design.

Long Term Goals

1: Save up for the Creative Talent Network conference in November, This I plan on attending by myself

2: Visit my Family in PA this summer with my wife and son.

3:  Save up for IAnimate.net animation classes, it's far cheaper then Animation Mentor right now and a far more practical goal to be completed.

Goals one and two can be achieved this year and will be, goal three will take a little bit more time due to the fact that My second short term goal requires money and I want this to be completed first. We will see if i make the trip to PA with the family or not. I am making sure that for this year each month is devoted to making my goal of becoming an animator is achieved first, then my family. anything else will be last on my list. I say this because last year was devoted to my home and family. It's now been a full year since we moved in and major projects HAD to be addressed but this is over now and I know I can become an animator by changing old habits and attitudes that have kept me form showing my true potential. The past few months from last year I had been working on the attitude and bad habits and plan on keeping even more vigil on changing my old ways. To a new year and completing goals.