Nov 30, 2010

Brush pen

Tonight I spent the evening with my Faber-Castell pitt ink pens. These two are the ones i liked the most and if you want you can check out my sketchbook to see the doodles.


Nov 29, 2010


New page from my sketchbook. I plan on cleaning it up in photoshop later but for now here is the sketch. I used a carmine red colerase pencil. I love the smoothness of the colerase pencils and how much variation from light to dark you can get with them. I'm glad that prismacolor decided to keep the line after buying out colerase pencils.


Nov 19, 2010

Photoshop sketch fix

My dad gave me his CS3 adobe package when he updated to five so I have been using my old artwork to learn how to use the software by playing with the tools. Here I fixed the left eye from being low and flat to putting some perspective on it. using the clone tool and perspective edit.

Let me know what you think.


Nov 18, 2010

Flying Cate Update

This is where I am at right now on the flying cat drawing. Been doing a lot of redrawing from the first post. I have been learning a lot about composition and the importance to quickly make small thumbnails first to feel out the flow of the illustration.


Nov 17, 2010

Facebook Caricature

Yeah new post! This is from a face book Friends photos. The Freinds shall remain nameless cause this sucks. The line of the eyes is ALL WRONG but hey I drew something and as Walt Stanchfield ALWAYS said to get better in drawing, DRAW DRAW DRAW!