Jul 9, 2008

new header for my blog

Well since my computer crash I have finally been able to sit down and finish my blog header. It took me awhile to find the look that shows of my personality but I finally got it. The only thing that I would nitpick on is that color dosnt come easy to me, I'm confident that with practice with a color wheel and studying color theroy I'll get better. Wow whent on a rant, well enjoy and thanks for visiting!


Jul 7, 2008

Warm ups

Here are some warm up pages from work, today was slow. Enjoy, hope everone had a safe 4th of July.

Jul 4, 2008

Happy 4th of July

Could not sleep so I drew a 4th of July card. I'm posting the pencil es and then the color. Color is not my friend just yet. I keep thinking in primaries too much need to spend more time with a color wheel. Hope your 4th is safe and happy.


page from work today.