Sep 29, 2010


This is a sketch from the daily sketch marathon from I have to get some sleep but wanted to post something on the blog. I'm waiting to hear if i have been accepted into Animation Mentor or not for the Winter term. So to show I'm worthy I need to get drawing and post more. Stay tuned for the finished colors.

Sep 16, 2010

New Sketch Book

Got a new sketchbook on Sunday and have been having fun filling up it's pages. The first one is my wife's cousin Alitza, we where at my wife's other cousin's wife's birthday bash. The boy on the tractor is Collin and it's a photo of him from my phone. I was all over the place with it and really don't want to draw from photos anymore. The other one is from work and I was sketching parts of the building at work and people outside waiting for their car to get out of impound. The last one is a day old memory sketch of a hawk I saw at work. I'm proud of this one for it shows I'm getting better at making marks with a pen.