Sep 30, 2009

Goals Part Two

I spent the evening watching and listening to Stephen Silver and Bobby Chiu's Art cast and it got me thinking how lately i have been completing my goals and not stressing out about my art. Stephan talked about how to improve ones artwork and how it isn't important to worry about how something might happen between people that may not like your work. Most people won't tell you they hate it to your face and the ones that do are easy because you can fire right back at them, okay what is it that you hate and what is it that you like about it. I found myself picking up a pencil and drawing in my sketchbook while talking and listening to him.

Over at Bobby Chiu's art cast he does a daily drawing challenge like he used to do with people that lived in his area by picking a topic and then coming up with a drawing in a half hour time. Tonight's was big-fat-drooling. at the end of it everyone uploads there drawing and then vote on the one they like best. Mine didn't get any votes but I had fun and it forced me to draw, without talking myself out of it. Hearing Bobby so excited and full of life. I couldn't help but get excited too.
This is the drawing I came up with.



The leaves are changing color and the air is crisper, meaning that it's fall time. My fav of all the seasons.


Sep 27, 2009

finishing heads from 100

Here are the rest of the 100 heads that I started back hereMy goal for this week was to get the last thirty heads done and while watching my son in his room play I came up with some more drawings and having fun doing it.Just seven more to go! : D


Sep 22, 2009

Turkey Illustration

Finished a goal of mine to get a doodle I started some three years ago to completion and here it is.



Just got done watching Stephen Silver on his art cast about drawing and working in the animation industry. His advice has gotten me thinking lately about my own goals and what I want in life and how to get it. I know I want to be an animator but I tell myself I don't know how, well that's rubbish. I DO know how. I get animation bond paper out I sit and my desk and I animate something. So For this post writing down goals and making sure each week I write them down and see if at the end of the week I accomplished said goal. This weeks goal finish my goal of 100 hundred heads. I have seventy done and just need a small measly thirty drawings. Should be no trouble. I was keeping my goals in a notebook but I feel I will have better success with using my blog for my goals. So on Sunday I'll post thirty drawing of character heads.


Some caricature work for about a month ago.