Mar 3, 2010

Tools of the Trade

I have been trying different media to draw with lately. I have been using brush ink pens, sumi brushes and ink, hell I have even been using my sons crayons to draw with and I noticed that I would have poor results and not really enjoy the experience. Today while at work it was put all into perspective for me. I was having trouble getting a engine up and running by putting on the serpentine belt back on a trailblazer when a coworker idly said "You NEED the Right tool for the right job" and this got me thinking on how I try to use my different drawing tools. I try drawing with brush pens expecting to get the same control and result I would if i was using a pencil and this was a a-ah moment for me because you can't use a different tool and expected to get the same result that you do from say a hammer hammering a nail but instead you use a screwdriver. so That said I starting looking at artist that I admire, namely Scott Morse and how he uses the brush pen. From his art book Scrap Mettle he makes up shapes of black and white and doesn't focus on detail because that's not what a brush pen is for. I mean yes you can get great detail out of it if your say Mort Drucker but not for someone that is just starting out using the tool. So I'm going to keep on trying and not worry about the details or expect to get the same results I would using a pencil. Night all

Dino Steed

I did this one over the weekend and I had fun building it up just using shapes to see what I could make. I might revisit this one and color it and add a rider to go with it.


Mar 2, 2010

sumi brushes

I spent the weekend using a set of sumi bamboo brushes and ink. I had fun with it and was surprised why I don't use them more. I always have this sense of dread, when creating art that I forget it's only for me. I choose if I want to show someone or not. So here are three pieces I did. My goal was to tell a story with one picture. I think the cat tells the best story. Oh my scanner really didn't do the color of these justice.