Feb 23, 2010

Finished walk cycle

Well i finished the in-between's for my 12 step walk cycle. The head looks too bouncy but the speed of the legs looks good. Any comments or critiques are appreciated.


Feb 15, 2010


Over at Illustration Fridays the topic was muddy, having a two year old boy. This was what came to mind. I drew the ruff and the clean up by hand on paper then colored it in photoshop. I'm not happy with the coloring but it will have to do. I know I'll get better with more practice.


Feb 13, 2010

Sketched this while my son played in his room. I like to try and catch him in the moment, unaware he is being watched by me. It's those moments that seem to be the best sketches.


Feb 5, 2010

Groundhog Part Deux

Fixed the pic by adding his left arm and changed the background. My art director (my lovely wife) says it's much better now and offered some suggestions on color as well.


Feb 4, 2010

Groundhog day (little late)

had this thought on groundhog day and how people were bumped that there would be six more weeks of winter, well there is always six more weeks. any-who
EDIT:I realized yesterday that I forgot to draw the ground-hog's left arm. It's been bothering me so I'll probably fix this part and only this part in an effort to become a better artist. I want to simply come up with an idea and then execute without constantly going over it again and again to make it perfect. I'll achive better results by just drawing each day. :EDIT


Feb 2, 2010

Digital Doodling 2-2-10

Spent a few minutes playing with coral painter and my tablet. Decided to pick a word and draw it, the first word i thought of was monster and this is what I came up with.