Apr 28, 2009


It's been taking me awhile but I will complete my goal of drawing 100 heads. Here's three more for your viewing pleasure.


Apr 25, 2009


Been reading a lot of inspirational advice from Stephen Silver and one thing he mentions is goals. Make a goal and no matter how long it takes full fill that goal, then move on to a new goal. Well my goal is to draw 100 heads, it's taken me awhile but her is three more.


Apr 23, 2009

Memory sketch

Here's today's memory sketch. This fellow was at the grocery store on Tuesday but I really didn't get the chance till today at lunch to draw him. Theres some parts that could be better and parts I like but the important thing for these memory sketches is to focus on one or two details about the person and then exaggerate them. The other is to see the person as a shape and draw the shape first and the third thing is well to have fun.


Apr 19, 2009

Character design

Been drawing from Mark Simon's face book to get better at character design. This is from page 32 row three. I'm still not completly happy with the shading but It is an improvment from past work.


Apr 17, 2009

Memory Sketch

I did this one at lunch time from staring at the Culver's car hop that was bringing out peoples order's. I had trouble with his lips. The guy had really thin lips but I could not visualize how to draw them so I came up with these instead. I also noticed I had drawn his thumb on the wrong side of his hand as I was getting ready to scan it, so I had to fix that. Over all I would say I much better memory sketch then from yesterday.


Apr 16, 2009


A couple of weeks ago I came up with an idea for an illustration. These are scooter ideas for that illustration.


Apr 15, 2009

Life drawing

Did this awhile back from a photo ref and limited myself to 15 min using an egg timer. The other pic is some detail sketches of the model's nose.


memory sketch

I know I said I would have a hundred heads drawn and posted before march but that didn't happen. So not to dwell in the past but be conscious of the moment. I have a memory sketch I did at lunch today. This guy was walking down the street from the Burger joint I was at.