Jun 17, 2009

Cheif Blackhawk

Here in Illinois theres a statue called chief blackhawk, dedicated to the suak and fox Indian tribes. Over the weekend we took a riverboat cruise down the rock river. The statue is way up top on the riverbank, surrounded by trees. That's the one part I feel this sketch lacks and that's a sense that it's high up.


Jun 16, 2009

More Heads 57-61

Heres five more heads towards 100. My fav is the kid with the braces.


New avatar

Working on making a new avatar and these are some of the better drawings. To see the rejects go to my other art blog. Click on the title to check them out.


Jun 3, 2009

55 and 56

Here's two more to add to the soon to be 100 heads. I am really happy with the top character. So much so I threw some paint on him in photoshop. Nothing spectacular just made some layers and painted over the sketch. The bottom one started with promise but fell short, I know the solution to this and that's more time drawing with a perpose, ie I want to create a evil scienctist and then draw alot of different ideas.

Secondly is to let my pencil wander over pages and create shapes i normally would'nt think of. With some work I know I can make the bottom sketch better and the top one more appealing.


Jun 2, 2009

Art museum

Over Memorial Day Weekend I took the family to the Art Museum of Chicago to see the Bill Peet exhibit, while there I did some sketching too.