Nov 20, 2008


Made a couple of drawings of elephants. Enjoy!

Nov 18, 2008

Lunch Sketch

I did this today at lunch, I'm trying to work on compostion, lighting, and story telling. I have been using a ink pen and a small moleskine sketch book to keep me from over working the drawing with erase lines and to focus myself to plan the drawing with the space allowed. It's not pretty but I stand by my work as a improvement from a couple of weeks ago. Enjoy!

Nov 17, 2008

TV Doodles

Spent the evening watching reruns of CSI NY and drawing. Only did two pages, my carpel tunnel has been killing me but I draw through the pain and do my exercises. Enjoy the doodles.

Nov 15, 2008

Unexpected Guest

At work the other day a cat from outside came wandering into were I work in a shipping receiving bay. This is just a little sketch of the cat from memory I did at lunch that day. I keep a small moleskin sketch book in my lunch box so I can draw at lunch time. I'm 33 now and I want to make it as a animator. Well to do this I need to work more on my drawing, so every bit helps. Anyway I promised a drawing from my last post and here it is.

Nov 5, 2008


Inspiration. What is it about becoming inspired from someone or something that can make some of use excel at whatever we put our minds to and other still sit and daydream? For me growing up I was always inspired by the muppets and there creator Jim Henson, later Chuck Jones and Tex Avery were what I wanted to be when I grew up. So much so that I decided not to go to school for puppetry but to instead go to school for animation. I graduated with a degree in film and video but have yet to do anything with it. I've talked in the past about the reasons why I haven't don this or done that but to be honest, there just more excuses for not living my dream as a animator. Theirs a line in a move called the "Wedding Date", with Debra Mes singer (spelling not my thing) any way the line is were the date tells her that everyone is living the life that they want, be a happy one or a miserable one. So all I should have to do is say I want to live my life as a animator and apply for animation studios. Seems so simple and really it is. The trick is that life tends to throw speed bumps in our way.
Mine is I'm afraid of succeeding in animation. I always have an idea for a project to do but get scared of what if it doesn't turn out okay? My wife is my rock and has been very help full and patient with me in what I want to do. I want to be an artist very much. So I should concentrate on just that and let the rest of it take care of its self.Lately while checking the blogs of local artist I have noticed that the work they post is personal, I look at it and am starting to see the flaws in the color or composition but that not really the point. The point is for all of the faluts in the work but that they drew, sculpted, or whatever. They did it and that the point I'm trying to make about inspiration. Later drawing