Jul 15, 2009

more heads, 68-70

Memory Sketch

Todays doodle is a memory sketch. I work for an auto auction and on auction day i drive the cars. This lets me see some of the best characters. This guy was wearing a hawaiian shirt and when he talked made some of the best facial expressions. the first is from lunch today the second when I got home because I felt I could do better. I still think this could be better but to stick with my goal of a sketch a day, it will have to do.


Jul 14, 2009

Gorilla, Heads, WIP

Here's today's sketch of a gorilla typing. I'm having fun with coming up with an idea during work and then sketching it out at lunch. Theirs alot that I don't like about this one. First it feels rushed, the head and face are all wrong but there is also alot I like about it. I'm taking an idea and executing it, instead of worry if it will be perfect or not. My speed is improving, and I noticed I'm laying down lined with more confidence. The second is number 65, 66, and 67 of 100 heads and the third is a wip I'm working on. For some reason photoshop is acting up with the opacity setting for the text tool. Once I get that sorted out I'll have this one finished. All critique's welcome.


Jul 13, 2009


Here's today's sketch, I feel I'm getting better at getting an idea and the putting it down on paper. At first I wanted to take this into photoshop and color it but time would not allow it and my goal for this week is to post a drawing each day from lunch, so here it is.


Jul 11, 2009


Did this one yesterday, theres something off about his right hand (your left when looking at it)and I don't like how his left hand came out (your right hand) but it is a sketch from start to finish using my understanding of anatomy and remembering how my son looks while sitting in his highchair. Also the goal for this was to draw the stick-figure and then use basic shapes build on top to make the character. I feel that if I keep with this one I can make it better. I however just plan on drawing more and with practice, I'll get better at it, so enjoy!

Jul 9, 2009

Character Design

I've noticed I'm getting better at the construction of drawing, but when time comes to add the details things start to fall short. Can't wait till I can take Stephen Silvers Imaginism class. Till then I'll just keep drawing.


62 63 64

A few more closer to one hundred!