Dec 20, 2008

Death of a Car Battery

Well this past week my car battery decided to die. So I decided to sketch the event.


Dec 16, 2008

X-mas card

I did this yesterday at lunch and threw some color on it in photoshop. With all the things that have been keeping me stressed. This is as close to a handmade x-mas card I'll be able to make this year.


Forgot to add some color to the penguin


Dec 15, 2008


Did this lunch time doodle couple weeks ago but never got the time to post it.




Dec 9, 2008




One more Elephant

Wow it's Tuesday and what am I still doing up?! I'll tell ya I have a one year old that rules me with an iron binkie but hey I love the little imp. Got one last elephant to post from days past.


Dec 8, 2008

Heads of a Hundred

Welcome again loyal audience, I've been drawing alot of heads in my pocket sketchbook lately and decided to post one a day for a hundred days. I know nothen new other artists have done this on there blogs but this time it's me doing it. All so if you go over to my sketch blog you can see all the other silly and fun things I've been doodling. So without further anticipation. Here is head one of a hundred.


Dec 7, 2008

Memory Sketch

This past week I decided to try something that artist that I admire do on there blogs. It's called a memory sketch, Stephen Silver has talked about this often. What you do is find a spot be it the mall, coffee shop, bookstore or whatever spot people are and watch people. Then when you have found someone that looks interesting, you try to focus on how they look. There walk, there cloths, are they happy, sad and then you draw them later. Stephen Silver likes to do this at lunch time and when he gets back draw that person. My memory sketch was from last Thursday when I was driving home from work. I had fun doing this and want to do more, so expect more memory sketches from me and who knows before long I could be working as a character designer on some new cartoon show. My memory sketch is of an old black man that was walking down the street wearing a bright purple trench coat and brown bowler hat.


Nov 20, 2008


Made a couple of drawings of elephants. Enjoy!

Nov 18, 2008

Lunch Sketch

I did this today at lunch, I'm trying to work on compostion, lighting, and story telling. I have been using a ink pen and a small moleskine sketch book to keep me from over working the drawing with erase lines and to focus myself to plan the drawing with the space allowed. It's not pretty but I stand by my work as a improvement from a couple of weeks ago. Enjoy!

Nov 17, 2008

TV Doodles

Spent the evening watching reruns of CSI NY and drawing. Only did two pages, my carpel tunnel has been killing me but I draw through the pain and do my exercises. Enjoy the doodles.

Nov 15, 2008

Unexpected Guest

At work the other day a cat from outside came wandering into were I work in a shipping receiving bay. This is just a little sketch of the cat from memory I did at lunch that day. I keep a small moleskin sketch book in my lunch box so I can draw at lunch time. I'm 33 now and I want to make it as a animator. Well to do this I need to work more on my drawing, so every bit helps. Anyway I promised a drawing from my last post and here it is.

Nov 5, 2008


Inspiration. What is it about becoming inspired from someone or something that can make some of use excel at whatever we put our minds to and other still sit and daydream? For me growing up I was always inspired by the muppets and there creator Jim Henson, later Chuck Jones and Tex Avery were what I wanted to be when I grew up. So much so that I decided not to go to school for puppetry but to instead go to school for animation. I graduated with a degree in film and video but have yet to do anything with it. I've talked in the past about the reasons why I haven't don this or done that but to be honest, there just more excuses for not living my dream as a animator. Theirs a line in a move called the "Wedding Date", with Debra Mes singer (spelling not my thing) any way the line is were the date tells her that everyone is living the life that they want, be a happy one or a miserable one. So all I should have to do is say I want to live my life as a animator and apply for animation studios. Seems so simple and really it is. The trick is that life tends to throw speed bumps in our way.
Mine is I'm afraid of succeeding in animation. I always have an idea for a project to do but get scared of what if it doesn't turn out okay? My wife is my rock and has been very help full and patient with me in what I want to do. I want to be an artist very much. So I should concentrate on just that and let the rest of it take care of its self.Lately while checking the blogs of local artist I have noticed that the work they post is personal, I look at it and am starting to see the flaws in the color or composition but that not really the point. The point is for all of the faluts in the work but that they drew, sculpted, or whatever. They did it and that the point I'm trying to make about inspiration. Later drawing

Sep 2, 2008

Labor Day

On Sunday me and the misses spent the day with my side of the family and later had some time to ourselves to see some rock bands my wife likes at the anual "On the Waterfront". I don't consider myself a photographer but I'm trying to get good at it to teach myself about compostion. Enjoy!

Famliy Portriat

Well I hope everyone had a safe and fun Laborday weekend. On Saturday me and the family went to visit my wifes family and my niece Anna made this family portriat of me, my wife and our son. We can all see at this young age of seven she is going to be a far better artist then myself.

Aug 30, 2008

Today's Doodles

While waiting for my wife to get ready and listening to her talk about something, I was doodling in my sketchbook and for some reason made a page of golf doodles. Funny thing is I don't even like golf unless it's mini-putt!

Well enjoy!

Aug 29, 2008


Theirs a art blog out there formed by some Chicago based artist called ThoughFauchet and on the blog they have daily, weekly and monthly drawing jams. the dailies is come up with a image however detailed from a given word. yesterdays was jellyfish. here's some of my thought on jellyfishes. The bottom one is the though that came to me and that is a factory that makes jelly out of milking jellyfish.


Aug 26, 2008

Walk part two (really!)

Okay Fixed my scanner and now flipbook and the scanner are playing nice together. this is the walk from saturday with the torso added.

Aug 24, 2008

Walk Cycle Part Duex Sort of

Well after spending the day with my family I had the chance to add the torso to my walk animation I did yesterday. but digicel froze and now my scanner doesnt work. Bummer I know So while I'd love to show all of you the walk, I guess it will have to wait till monday or later while I try to get my scanner up and running. So I'll just post some doodles I did, these are from Tom Bancrofts character design book. I just took a stap at HIS CHARACTER. It's not mine and then for fun I colored the sketch in photo shop. If you don't know who Tom Bancroft is heres his blog.


Aug 23, 2008

Learning to walk

I tell ya the hardest thing to animate is walks but once you can nail down walks everything else I'm told is cake. I wonder if it's chocolate or yellow cake? I love a good yeallow with strawberry filling mmmmm! Wait off topic, today I was left alone to work on animation and I spent the day throwing paper away because I could not get the contacts down. There hard but it's important because there the key drawing to the walk cycle. Now this walk isn't a cycle. Cycles are hard and I'm not that good. Later I'm going to add the torso for this and then the arms for the secondary action. Let me know what you think. It's just 13 drawing on 2's and the action seems jumping or bouncy. Ah well, just keep drawing and hold fast I say.

Aug 22, 2008

Just what it is a ball bounce

Well did this a while ago from Richard Willams animators survivl handbook.

Aug 14, 2008

Art Funk

I don't have anything to post and the few sketches i do have suck major ass. I've always lied to myself as to why I never get any work done or why my work hasnt improved but the truth of the matter is I;m not good. Really i suck so much shit it's unbelavible. To explain I now only work nights part time, this said I should be drawing my arse off but instead I just keep beating myslef up by looking at all the other websites of aritst i admire and thats cool cause in the past it's always inspired me to try what they did and in trying I end up creating something new and away from my "comfort zone" which by the way I don't have one really. It's weird I used to be real good at art. it was never something I felt I had to study or learn or master. It was just fun, I would always be drawing and painting or sculpting for me! not for a fucking grade or aproval or anything like that. No it was for me but it's funny how a person can let another fuck them up so much.
My person was my dad a pretty good illustrator and photo retoucher (before the days of photoshop kiddies) His problem he fucking sucked as a busniessman. So when I would show him my work and he was feeling shitting he tear me down. He said he was just critquing my work but there was never anything he liked about my work, only what was wrong with it and when I told him I would like to become a comic artist or animator. He would give me a hundred fucking reasons why I'd never make it. I wish he would just have said well Kevin those are good goales lets work out a list of what you need to do to make it a reality. Nope that didnt happen and I know I'm whinning like a little girl and in the Mcleod house we HATE little whining girles.

Well I know no one looks at this site so I'm no longer worried about what I say or what I post, fuck it lifes to short and I have my own famliy now and my own son. So really I should get my head outta my ass and look foward instead of always looking behind at how things could of been or should of been. So my dad was a ass big fucking deal. Alot of folks have had worse shakes then me.

So weve figured out one of the things that seems to be holding me back and thats my memories of my dad. The second one I've developed from the first and thats fear! Fear of failure fear of getting it right and having to repeat the process. This one will simply have to be sholderd by ALWAYS DRAWING NO MATTER WHAT! Sure easy to say or type but that bitch of a deamon self doubt sure can be a mofo to keep quit. Is that how you spell quit or it that quit like quit looking at me? Whatever no one looks at this anyway. Well I post soon my son is crying.....


Jul 9, 2008

new header for my blog

Well since my computer crash I have finally been able to sit down and finish my blog header. It took me awhile to find the look that shows of my personality but I finally got it. The only thing that I would nitpick on is that color dosnt come easy to me, I'm confident that with practice with a color wheel and studying color theroy I'll get better. Wow whent on a rant, well enjoy and thanks for visiting!


Jul 7, 2008

Warm ups

Here are some warm up pages from work, today was slow. Enjoy, hope everone had a safe 4th of July.

Jul 4, 2008

Happy 4th of July

Could not sleep so I drew a 4th of July card. I'm posting the pencil es and then the color. Color is not my friend just yet. I keep thinking in primaries too much need to spend more time with a color wheel. Hope your 4th is safe and happy.


page from work today.

Jun 30, 2008

Old Sketch

When this years sports illustrated swimsuit came out this year I spend some time sketching the lovely ladies. This is one I like out of the bunch.

Jun 28, 2008

Old artwork

Been diggen through old sketchbooks, and found this one of a co-worker. This is the original I later made a better one for her as a b-day present, enjoy.

Apr 21, 2008

Character Pose Sheet

This started out as a ink scribble on a note book at work today and at luch turned into this. The part I'm most happy with is the full pose. Most of the time I have a hard time constructing the character over the line of action but today all of the things I've been reading and sketching just clicked. Now I just have to make more time between my son, wife, and work. I know I'll stop sleeping!

Apr 17, 2008

Blog logo

Been working on a logo for my blog and in the future website.The pencile one was close to the final design of many many pages of ruffs but it still had something that buged me. It was the hind leg, so the blue one ( and no this isn't the final color) is the one I choose after fixing the leg.

More bears

Heres another page of bears from last saterday while having coffee. My wife liked the one holding the jar and I'm tryinh to push his design more. I also like the one with the heavy brow.