Dec 19, 2009

Long post no new art

Well 2009 is almost but a memory and I haven't really finished most of my goals artistically. Now that's not to say I haven't achieved any of my goals. Me and my wife bought our first house and the reality of home ownership has been fun but mostly frustrating. we've been in the house for a month now and I haven't drawn a scribble since moving. Granted my studio is still in boxes and I WAS working on a walk cycle before the move. This was and is a goal of mine to make the art of be doodles of characters and then ruff animation of those characters moving, breathing, showing character through there movements. I know that hasn't happened yet. I am not sure WHY I am not drawing? I mean if ones passion is to draw you would think that I would naturally just start doodling once a pen or pencil was in my hand but that hasn't been the case. It could be that I'm depressed or bored or afraid to succeed but the truth is I DON'T KNOW WHY I'm not drawing and this bothers me that maybe I was wrong and all of the people that said I couldn't do it and become an animator was right. Cause if they weren't right I should be working my ass off on animation. I know I am tired of feeling self doubt, self doubt in my abilities as an artist, as a husband and as a father. I get the feeling I'm letting them all down. I tell ya though that blank page is the most frustrating thing to look at and at the same time the most fun to fill when you just let your imagination run wild. one positive note I have blog follower, following this blog. I told my wife I better step it up so I don't disappoint them. Well that's all for know who know I might have something on the blog soon.