Jan 30, 2010

new avatar

Made a new avatar for the blog


Jan 26, 2010

walk update

From Joseph Merideth's walk lecture, this is a 12 step walk with 4 keys so the timing would be on threes. Not sure if this is right but I tweened keys 1 though 7 on threes and this is the result so far. It's getting late and I'll have to in between the rest tomorrow. Feel free to leave and comments or critiques on the walk so far.


Jan 23, 2010

Happy 2010!

OK so new year same old goal, GET A PORTFOLIO MADE! Well I've started, this year I'm making sure I animate more and draw more. It's hard when you have a passion for something for so long but that passion dies. My passion for animation and art did but I WANT IT BACK! So I sit with my son in my new studio (Me and my wife bought our first house, so I have a studio now he he)instead of watching TV and just seeing him make scribbles and being so excited that HE made this line on paper sparked what it was I loved about art and animation in the first place. So here our the keys to a 12 step walk. later this week I'll have it in-between and go from there.Enjoy!